hi i'm gabi, 19. i don't know what my blog is about. warning: i reblog too much and i'm always online

i blog a lot about tv shows, movies, funny text posts and nice pictures

hey hi hello my name is gabriella tavares but call me gabi 。◕‿‿◕。 i’m 19 and i live in rio de janeiro, brazil. currently, i am majoring in journalism even though everyone tells me not to. 

i like to complain about my life and about fictional characters. i like books (you can recommend me a good book if you want too), tv shows, youtubers, nice pictures, band members, etc. doctor who and teen wolf ruined my life. i’m sorry if i talk too much about it (or reblog it too much) but I CAN’T HELP MYSELF.  i’m always hungry. sometimes i think i’m a cat bc i sleep more than everyone i know. ◡‿◡✿ 

i always try to be funny but honestly: i’m not. i like to meet new people here so if you want to be my friend talk to me because i don’t know how to keep a conversation. and i need new virtual/real/etc friends!! please hug me i’m a needy person

some tags if you want to know more about me: #me #same #about me

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